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Unique Fashion ideas for 2022

One of the best things about fashion is how much it allows us to express ourselves. Whether we love more risky fashion pieces or we are more on the conservative or modest side, fashion is a great indicator of our thoughts, feelings, belief, and emotions.

It is one of the best ways to show diversity while empowering women to make their own fashion choices, whatever those choices may be. Four must-see unique fashion trends for 2022 This year, there are some new unique outfits, fashion trends, and ideas that more women are gravitating to for the sake of expression.

Here are a few and how to rock them: Mesh Tees and mesh insert tops - A clear homage and nod to the 90s club culture, this trend came across runways and storefronts in 2021 and shows no sign of receding any time soon. Also known as the “second skin” trend, mesh tees and inserts have definitely become a favorite in modern fashion. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles and may be worn in a variety of ways. How to rock it: You can really have fun with this style.

Feeling daring? Wear it on its own with a solid color bra beneath. You can have it tucked into your pants or skirt for a more seamless look. You may also throw a jacket on to add some layers if it’s a little chilly, or just for a more dressy look.

One-shoulder tops - Spring has definitely sprung, summer is right on its heels, and we are ready for all the airy, lightweight clothes! One-shoulder tops are one of those classic trends that never truly go out of style. They’re sexy, trendy, versatile, and fun, which makes styling them a dream. This asymmetrical look really provides you with the perfect balance of casual enough for a day out with friends, but sexy enough for a dinner date. How to rock it: For this asymmetrical look, you want to keep it clean and make the cut of the top the main focal point of the outfit.

Skip the necklace and shoulder bag this time around and keep your hair off of your bare shoulder. The whole point is to show the shoulder off, right? This brings us to the next point: don’t forget to moisturize! This will make you feel even more confident in the outfit when you know your skin looks silky smooth! Raw Seams - We love an edgy style, rough detail that adds a unique, chic touch, and the raw seam trend does just that. This is a style that is clever and takes precision and deliberate designs to make it seem random. Interesting right? How to rock it: Our favorite way to style this raw seam trend is to keep everything else smooth and chic. You don’t want to take away from the artistic visual appeal of the raw seam.

Keeping your pants or skirt pretty plain with clean lines and seams helps the raw seam top to really pop and make a statement. Open-back tops - Business in the front, all parties in the back. If you love a classy style that gives just enough sexy, this trend is for you. Open-back tops have the ability to give a peek-a-boo effect since the front of the tops are typically pretty simple. This is the perfect spring/summer trend to jump in on! How to rock it: This style is pretty versatile, giving you the ability to pair it with shorts, skirts, or pants. You can dress them up or go full casual.

Try to avoid anything that will cover up the back, like jackets or cardigans. Show off your back with confidence! We are absolutely loving the direction women’s fashion is taking for 2022. For more unique trends and styles, visit our website to view our catalog. Happy shopping!

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